I don’t know about you, but I constantly struggle to find healthy snacks for me and my kids. We always try new ones, but it is definitely an ongoing dilemma to find things that my kids like and are also somewhat nutritious! Now that we are stuck at home for god knows how long, we are trying our best to stay away from the junk food!  Trying! In my quest to find some healthy options, I  found these companies that also GIVE BACK.  Here are my top 8 finds. Happy and healthy snacking! 


Who doesn’t love someone who is KIND? KIND is on a mission to make the world a little kinder, one snack at a time. The KIND Foundation brings this mission to life by working to inspire kindness and empathy through the community. Each month, the KIND Foundation supports a socially impactful cause with a $10,000 grant through a program called KIND Causes. Let’s all spread some kindness, too!


We all love chocolate and now it is good for the environment too! The Endangered Species Chocolate company donates 10% of its net profits to an endangered species foundation. They’ve given over $1.4 million to organizations like Rainforest Trust and the Wildlife Conservation Network. Plus, their bars are non-GMO, high quality and fair trade. Get ready to indulge in a cause!


This Saves Lives describes its mission as follows: “it’s simple: for every bar you buy, we give a packet of life-saving food to a child in need. we eat together.” This Saves Lives makes healthful snack bars made with fruit and nuts and donates a nutrient pack to a child in need for every bar purchased through its non-profit partners, Edesia, Save the Children and Ananse Village.


When it comes to giving back, Annie’s Is on top of the list! When you buy an Annie's product, you are supporting a network of change agents who are working to build a sustainable and resilient future for us all. Over the past five years, Annie's has donated nearly two million dollars to organizations that protect and support both people and the planet.  



Justin’s strives to make more than just yummy snacks, they are also want to make a difference. They broke this goal into four fundamental pillars: nourish, nurture, inspire, and educate. To nurture, they're teaching our youth a sense of environmental stewardship. To nourish, they're helping to nourish communities and play a part in making the world a healthier place.  To inspire, they're paying it forward by supporting efforts that inspire other to start somewhere and keep going. To educate, they're helping to grow the natural products community.  The company prides itself on sourcing only the highest quality, local ingredients that help mitigate environmental impact. They also partner with a variety of organizations that help further this mission: People and Pollinators Action Network, Growing Gardens, Rainforest Alliance, and more. Justin’s also contributes to global hunger relief efforts with partnerships with Conscious Alliance and Whole Planet Foundation among others.



Deep River Snacks leverages the chip brand as a platform to raise both awareness and funds for organizations that help develop life-saving cures. Its motto “Because we give a chip!” reflects its mission to help make a difference in communities. In addition to donating thousands of bags of chips to charitable events throughout the year, the company also donates 10 percent of its annual net profits to a variety of charities.


iWhile the company began as a salad dressing enterprise, it now sells everything from pizza to pet food, and 100% of its profits go to charities. Since 1982, Newman’s Own has donated almost $500 million dollars to thousands of charities. They carry out their philanthropic efforts through Newman's Own Foundation, which is an independent and private foundation.  The Foundation is funded fully through the profits and royalties of Newton's Own products.


Every month, Dave’s Killer Bread offers volunteering opportunities for their employee partners and their families. For example, they helped to organize a lunch donation for the homeless community living along Portland, Oregon's waterfront. Each year, they donate more than 300,000 loaves of bread to local food shelters and non-profit organizations. Fun fact: that is enough bread to make three million sandwiches.